Where to Get the Beyond Meat and Impossible Burgers in Las Vegas

Forget veggie burgers and black bean burgers. Thanks to the Beyond Meat Beyond Burger and the Impossible Burger, those who want a more meaty burger option have one. These uber-realistic burgers have vegans questioning what’s on their plate … and getting non-vegans interested in trying something better for the world.

Where to get these bad boys? We’ve compiled a list of our top picks around Las Vegas to go and enjoy these burgers. More are always being added at restaurants.

Beyond Burger

Whole Foods Restaurants

Whole Foods' LV Bar in Town Square offers the Beyond Meat Burger, as well as a variety of other vegan dishes and a fantastic happy hour. For more vegan options in Las Vegas, visit www.vegansbaby.com

Both restaurants housed inside of Whole Foods — LV Bar at the Town Square location and Sprocket in Green Valley — feature the Beyond Burger on their menu. It’s served with pickled onions, tomatoes and lettuce and topped with a spicy aioli. Be sure to head there for Happy Hour Monday – Friday for a discounted burger from 4 – 6 p.m. $12

Slice of Vegas

One of the most vegan-friendly omni restaurants in the city (and one of the early adapters of vegan menus!), Slice of Vegas offers the vegan burger with the Beyond inside its brioche bun along with Daiya Mozzarella, vegan mayo and the normal burger condiments. $16

Veganos Kitchen

We love hearing stories about restaurants that weren’t vegan and then made the jump, like Veganos Kitchen. The fast-casual Mexican restaurant cooks up the Beyond Burger and serves it with lettuce, tomato and chipotle dressing, plus fries and a drink. $9.99

The Modern Vegan

This just-opened all-vegan restaurant serves up the Beyond Meat patty in quite a few of their burgers – The Great American, The Cowboy, The Big Easy, and more — on their massive menu. Starting at $13

Veggy Street

The “healthy fast food” menu over at Veggy Street features the Beyond Meat burger as their main squeeze, sandwiched between a soft pretzel bun (love). Starting at $9.25

Vege-Way South

The city’s first vegan fast food restaurant, Vege-Way South is known for their burgers and sandwiches. While nearly everything is made by Chef Kenny Chye, recently Vege-Way South also added the Beyond Burger to its menu. $7.25

Joe Maxx Coffee Company

Aside from the yummy pastries and sandwiches Joe Maxx Coffee Company offers for vegans (including a stocked case of VioLife Cheese most days!), they’ve also got the Beyond Burger. Here, it comes well-done on a toasted bagel and with VioLife cheddar, Vegenaise, spinach and avocado, plus a bag of chips. $9.95

Blinders Burgers & Brunch

With both the Beyond and Impossible Burger, we dig this spot for all the options that come on top, like Herbivorous Butcher bacon. $9 – 13


They load ’em up on tacos and more! Prices vary.

Twin Peaks

We don’t eat here because there aren’t a lot of vegan options other than modified salads, so when we learned the Beyond Meat burger was here, we were stoked. That being said, you can get the Beyond Burger here, but will need to tweak it slightly. Hold the cheese. Hold the sun-dried tomato mayo. It comes with arugula, tomato and caramelized onions and a side of sweet potatoes. $12.99

TGI Fridays

The chain restaurant recently added the Beyond Burger to its repertoire, making it one of only a few chains in the States to offer the product. The Beyond Meat Burger comes with white cheddar, so skip that, and hold the sauce and bun. $15

The Coffee Shop, Treasure Island

If you’re on The Strip and want to try the Beyond Burger, The Coffee Shop inside of Treasure Island has it. This 24/7 coffee shop offers the burger with lettuce, tomato and a special sauce on a toasted bun. Keep it vegan by holding the sauce and bun. Served with a side of fries. $16.95

Other restaurants serving Beyond Burger:

Black Bear Diner, Cafe No Fur, Carl’s Jr.

Impossible Burger


Eatt is a more upscale eatery with gourmet vegan options. For more vegan dining in Las Vegas, visit www.vegansbaby.com

This gourmet restaurant tucked into a strip mall on W. Sahara offers a unique spin on the normal Impossible Burger. This one comes sandwiched between two hash brown patties. $18

Border Grill

Our favorite brunch spot has recently upgraded its vegan offerings, thanks in part to the success of Veganuary Las Vegas. The Mandalay Bay Border Grill and Chef Mike Minor have brought in Impossible Burger to fill the role of beef in some of their vegan dishes. Definitely try the burger!

Madhouse Coffee

Open 24-hours (oh yeah) Madhouse Coffee joins Team Impossible Burger serving it with a choice of Yucca fries or quinoa. $13.99

Greens and Proteins

Greens and Proteins quietly launched new vegan items a couple of months ago, including the Impossible Burger. It comes with a portobello mushroom and topped with lettuce, tomato and sprouts, served on a whole-wheat bun and includes a side of either tofu or jicama fries. You can add items like Daiya and avocado for an upcharge.  $14.99


Let’s set the record straight real quick, despite rumors of the bun served with the Impossible Burger being not vegan, we reached out to corporate and they assured us that the bun with the Impossible Burger is vegan. It comes topped with mayo (skip it), lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion, relish and mustard. Prices range from $9 – 15 (Strip location) depending on location.

Umami Burger

Over at SLS, Umami Burger is offering the Impossible Burger. The burger comes with two patties, caramelized onions, mis0-mustard dressing and other condiments. Hold the cheese. Hold the bread. Hold the spread. $17.95


The Wahlburg brothers have added the Impossible Burger to their Strip location. The Impossible Burger here comes loaded with non-vegan items liked smoked cheddar and the Wahl Sauce, but you can hold that. The normal bun isn’t vegan, but the location says it’s gluten-free bun is (I’d double check though). $18.95


Over at Wynn Las Vegas, Andrea’s utilizes the Impossible Burger — but on request only. Ask your server what the chef can prepare with it (like sliders).

Other restaurants serving Impossible Burgers:

bBD’s at Palace Station, Juicy Beets, Lucky Penny, Burger Bar, Hamburger Mary’s, Pancho’s Vegan Tacos, Stripburger, TopGolf, Gordon Ramsay Burger, Dave & Buster’s, South Beach Food Court inside The Tropicana and LVB Burger inside The Mirage

The Best Burgers in Town

If you’re not looking for a Beyond Meat or Impossible Burger, then our absolute best burger pick is Blinders! What other burgers made our top picks for the best in Las Vegas? Check out our updated Las Vegas Vegan Food Guide!

Editor’s Note: The Impossible Burger ingredients are all vegan. Following the release of the burger, information was disclosed stating an ingredient was tested on animals in order to get it approved by the FDA.We chose to include this burger in our write-up because the item itself is vegan (albeit not cruelty-free), many vegan restaurants feature it, and for those transitioning to a vegan diet, this is an excellent replacement for burgers from animals. Vegans, Baby does not condone animal testing and never will.

Below is a statement from Impossible Foods regarding the burger:

“The Impossible Burger is 100% plant-based and it is vegan, however, it is not considered vegan in some circles because it was tested on animals. The statement about it not being vegan was a miscommunication, and the Impossible Burger is absolutely vegan.

However, every restaurant prepares the Impossible Burger differently. Please check with the restaurant directly if you have questions about their plant-based options.

Heme is a large part of what makes the Impossible Burger taste like meat. Although heme is abundant in meat, the heme in our burgers is produced from yeast. You can find more information, including a full ingredient list, on our FAQ page.

We do want to be transparent about the fact that Impossible Foods conducted a rat feeding study as part of the extensive safety testing that was submitted to the FDA. Federal agencies rely on food safety tests that use animals as subjects and many ingredients commonly used in “vegan” foods were tested on animals when they were first introduced (you may find this blog post by the Good Food Institute informative on that topic). Many people who consider themselves vegan choose to consume our product, some don’t, and we think that is a decision that individuals should make for themselves.”

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Where to get the Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger in Las Vegas. For more vegan dining, visit www.vegansbaby.com

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  • Juan
    Posted at 20:15h, 16 June Reply

    Maybe I’m looking at the wrong Slice of Vegas, but the one in Mandalay Bay doesn’t appear to be very vegan friendly and their menu online doesn’t have the Beyond Burger. Is there a different Slice of Vegas?

    • Diana Edelman
      Posted at 15:58h, 18 June Reply

      There is an entire vegan menu — perhaps you’re looking at the wrong spot?

  • Lucie M.
    Posted at 15:52h, 20 June Reply

    Charlie’s, at Wynn, offers the impossible burger, and it’s on the official menu. The sauce and cheese are vegan. Ask for plain waffle fries, the ones on the menu aren’t.