Easy Vegan Recipe: Mushroom Shwarma with Oh Mommy! Macadamia Oil Spray

Easy vegan recipe for mushroom shwarma using Oh Mommy! macadamia oil spray infused with umami from Milkadamia. Recipe by Iman Haggag of Pots in Las Vegas. For more easy vegan recipes visit www.vegansbaby.com/recipes

Looking for something special to make that’s packed full of gorgeous flavor? Try this easy vegan recipe for mushroom shwarma using the new Oh Mommy! Macadamia Oil Spray from Milkadamia. The new spray gives dishes a subtle umami flavor. This recipe is by Iman Haggag of POTs in Las Vegas, the city’s only Egyptian restaurant […]

Easy Vegan Scallion Pancake Recipe by Chef Jamie Tran

Easy vegan scallion pancake recipe from Chef Jamie Tran of The Black Sheep. For more easy vegan recipes visit www.vegansbaby.com

The Black Sheep is one of the hidden gems in Las Vegas when it comes to vegan dining. Helmed by the talented Chef Jamie Tran, The Black Sheep’s scallion pancakes are a must. This easy vegan scallion pancake recipe by Chef Tran is delicious and the perfect addition to your meal.

Quarantine Cooking: Easy Vegan Dan Dan Noodles Recipe by Chef Sheridan Su

Quarantine Cooking: Executive Chef Sheridan Su shares his recipe for vegan dan dan noodles using pantry staples. For more vegan recipes, visit www.vegansbaby.com

Executive Chef Sheridan Su is perhaps one of the most well-known off-Strip chefs in Las Vegas. He’s the talent behind the newly opened Every Grain, as well as Flock + Fowl and Fat Choy. While his restaurants are temporarily closed due to the pandemic, you can recreate some of his amazing cooking in the comfort […]