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Bowlology is a vegan-friendly juice and smoothie bar that also serves acai bowls. For more vegan options in Las Vegas, visit www.vegansbaby.com
July 31, 2019 Diana Edelman 0 Comments

There’s no shortage of vegan-friendly bowl spots in Las Vegas. In fact, it’s pretty hard to have a smoothie/açai (etc.) joint without having some vegan…

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Egyptian vegan food has arrived to Las Vegas. Adding to new vegan options in Las Vegas is Pots, featuring vegan Egyptian street food and more. Additional vegan dining in Las Vegas info here: www.vegansbaby.com/vegansbaby2018
March 8, 2018 Diana Edelman 0 Comments

We’re not going to lie; we’ve got a list of about 30 restaurants in the queue to write about before, in theory, we get to POTs.…

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Cinnaholic in Las Vegas offers all vegan desserts that includes create-your-own cinnamon rolls, cookies and cakes. Fore more vegan dining options, visit www.vegansbaby.com/vegansbaby2018
February 2, 2018 Diana Edelman 0 Comments

Welcome to a shop where every sweet is vegan. Every. Single. Thing. We’re talking cinnamon rolls. Cinnamon mini rolls. Cakes. Cookies. Hello, dessert. Cinnaholic, which opened…

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