What’s vegan at Cafe Zupas

Cafe Zupas has a few vegan food options in Las Vegas. For more vegan food options in Las Vegas, visit www.vegansbaby.com/vegansbaby2018

As far as fast-casual, moderately healthy big-name-chains go, Cafe Zupas is one to add to your list for vegan eats. While there’s nothing spectacularly original about it, you can eat vegan at Cafe Zupas. We’re glad it’s a vegan-friendly restaurant in Las Vegas that has some healthy eats. What’s vegan at Cafe Zupas? 1. Salads The Nuts […]

Stephano’s Greek and Mediterranean Grill

Stephanos is a Mediterranean restaurant in Las Vegas that is vegan-friendly and has multiple locations around town. For more vegan dining, visit www.vegansbaby.com

Since 1998, Stephano’s has been serving up some of the freshest Mediterranean and Greek food in the Valley. Locally owned and operated for more than 20 years, they now have three locations around Las Vegas to help satisfy your cravings for a fast and healthy vegan meal. Stephano’s has a great selection of appetizers (including […]

SOHO Burrito

SOHO Burrito has vegan sushi bowls & burritos. For more vegan dining in Las Vegas visit www.vegansbaby.com

Las Vegas has a number of vegan-friendly sushi burrito spots around town, but there is one that stands out when it comes to being vegan friendly — SOHO Burrito. The popular vegan-friendly Las Vegas restaurant has a total of three locations: one on Sahara, one in Southwest Las Vegas, and one on UNLV’s campus. With […]

Dirt Dog

Looking for vegan options in Las Vegas? Dirt Dog has a vegan hot dog (skip the bun) plus out-of-this-world Dirty Vegan Fries. For more vegan dining in Las Vegas, visit www.vegansbaby.com/vegansbaby2018

The Los Angeles outpost of the street food spot, Dirt Dog features a couple of vegan and vegan-friendly items. Dirt Dog’s menu revolves around street-created recipes using high-quality ingredients. We love it for that … and also for its fast-casual setting. And the Dirty Vegan Fries. Which we’ll get to. But first, the dog. Don’t […]