Smash Me Baby

Smash Me Baby is an all-vegan ghost kitchen specializing in vegan burgers in Las Vegas. It's a vegan option near The Strip. For more vegan dining in Las Vegas visit

Vegan options in Las Vegas: Smash Me, Baby Are you looking for one of the best vegan burgers in Las Vegas? If you are, then head to Smash Me Baby. The Las Vegas vegan concept is a ghost kitchen housed at Lucky 3. The all-vegan burger joint is for vegans and non-vegans who simply want […]

Black-owned Vegan Restaurants, Ghost Kitchens, Meal Prep and Pop-Ups in Las Vegas

POTs is a vegan Egyptian restaurant in Las Vegas and a black-owned vegan restaurant. For more vegan food in Las Vegas visit

While we make it a point to support BIPOC businesses year-round, to celebrate Black History Month, Vegans, Baby has assembled a guide to Black-owned vegan restaurants and meal prep in Las Vegas for 2022. If we’re missing any, please let us know. Black-owned vegan restaurants and ghost kitchens in Las Vegas POTs POTs, owned by […]

Vegan Boil Shack opens in Las Vegas

Vegan Boil Shack offers vegan boil bags, cheddar biscuits and more for delivery in Las Vegas. For more vegan options in Las Vegas visit

A viral video in 2021 catapulted Vegan Boil Shack. Taylor and Tumn, the duo behind Vintage Vegan Diner and the city’s first all-vegan vending machine, made a boil dinner and shared it on TikTok. Their boil dinner garnered nearly 200K views and a like from Lizzo. What had been brewing in Taylor’s mind — a […]

Souley Vegan to bring vegan soul food to Las Vegas mid-June

Souley Vegan is a new vegan ghost kitchen in Las Vegas serving vegan soul food. For more vegan dining in Las Vegas visit

Coming June 14, 2021 to Las Vegas is a new vegan concept, Souley Vegan. The vegan ghost kitchen in Las Vegas brings authentic, plant-based Louisiana flavor to the city. Founded by Tamearra Dyson, the Las Vegas ghost kitchen marks a major expansion for the chef and her restaurant. She opened its first location in Oakland, […]

Underground Burger launches in Las Vegas

Underground Burgers is delivering vegan burgers to Las Vegas. For more vegan dining visit

Who needs In-N-Out when there’s a new vegan-only version in Las Vegas? Underground Burger is here to satisfy burger cravings (and more) in Las Vegas, and it’s entirely plant-based. The new delivery-only concept launches today and aims to feed the masses with its oversized (and packed with flavor) Impossible-based burgers. “We saw that Vegas was […]

Pizza 108

If you're looking for vegan pizza in Las Vegas, check out the vegetarian/vegan Pizza 108 and its ghost kitchen. For more vegan dining in Las Vegas, visit

The vegan pizza options in Las Vegas continue to grow. In case you’re keeping score at home, now Las Vegas has not one, but two, vegetarian/pizza joints in town. Opened right around the same time, Ariela’s Pizza and Kosher Kitchen and Pizza 108 are serving up beautiful vegan pizza in Las Vegas. Pizza 108 opened its […]