There’s what in my wine? The gross ingredients in wine no one talks about

Is wine vegan? Not all wine is vegan.

February 18th is National Wine Day, and we’re always down for a good glass of wine. However, not just any wine will do. In fact, a lot of wine is not vegan. Did you know that many wineries sneak some pretty gross ingredients into their wine during the fertilization and fining processes of winemaking? What’s lurking […]

Five wines you’ll love that are vegan

Top five vegan wines

To celebrate National Wine Drinking Day (aka one of our favorite “holidays”) we asked Frances Gonzalez of Vegan Wines, an all-vegan wine club, to spill her current favorite wines. Before we dive in, it’s important to know the wine you may be drinking is not vegan. That’s right — not all wines are vegan. There […]

This wine subscription is the perfect gift

Vegan subscription boxes make a fantastic holiday gift! Here's a look at three vegan subscription boxes to give this holiday season. For more vegan gifts, visit

Are you stuck on what to get someone this holiday season? We put together a vegan gift guide to make it easy, plus released the new Las Vegas Vegan Food Guide 2020 just in time for the holidays. But, if you’ve got a friend that isn’t sure about vegan life or thinks that by going […]