The best vegan Thanksgiving recipes for 2022

The best vegan Thanksgiving recipes for 2022.

The best vegan Thanksgiving recipes Are you looking for the best vegan Thanksgiving recipes to prepare this holiday season? We always are! It’s been a decade feasting on a plant based Thanksgiving meal and this year we’re sharing our favorites that we’ve enjoyed. From our vegan Thanksgiving stuffing in the air fryer to a vegan […]

Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes You’ll Love

Have a happy vegan Thanksgiving with these vegan Thanksgiving recipes. For more vegan recipes, visit

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. This year, head over to the fam’s house with these vegan versions of classic Thanksgiving dishes. We’ve rounded up some sweet vegan Thanksgiving recipes to make this holiday season. The Main Vegan Holiday Chickpea Veggie Loaf from Watch, Learn, Eat PHOTO: WATCH, LEARN, EAT This twist on the […]