5 vegan products from Fancy Food Show to keep an eye on

5 vegan products from Summer Fancy Food Show 2023 to look out for.

The 5 new vegan products from Fancy Food Show I’m excited for ICYMI, the summer Fancy Food Show was held in NYC this week. If you’re unfamiliar with the Fancy Food Show, it’s a bi-annual food show that is the biggest specialty food industry event on the continent. This year, the massive show included a […]

Craig’s Vegan Ice Cream to open in Las Vegas at Resorts World

Craig's Vegan is the first vegan ice cream shop in Las Vegas and located in Resorts World. For more vegan dining visit www.vegansbaby.com

Craig’s Vegan Ice Cream, is a popular vegan-friendly ice cream shop from Los Angeles. It opens its door  inside the new mega resort on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. Don’t let the name fool you — it’s vegan ice cream, but they offer non-vegan cones and toppings. The only vegan restaurant on The Strip, Truth […]

Perfect Scoop

Vegan ice cream in Las Vegas can be found at Perfect Scoop. With two locations, the almond milk dessert comes in a variety of flavors. For more vegan food in Las Vegas, visit www.vegansbaby.com/vegansbaby2018

This vegan ice cream in Las Vegas will be your new favorite ice cream shop, promise. Perfect Scoop, with two locations in town, gives you what your herbivore little sweet teeth crave: delicious, icy cold treats in a variety of flavors. Made with almond milk, Perfect Scoop offers more than 10 (yup, 10!) vegan ice […]


Say hello to the ultimate vegan ice cream sandwich at Cream. With two locations in Las Vegas, Cream's got your vegan ice cream craving covered. For more vegan eats in Las Vegas, visit www.vegansbaby.com/vegansbaby2018

Craving some ice cream? Cream (unfortunately-named, in our opinion) ice cream spot has us cruelty-free lovers covered. At least a little. This Berkley, California-based business is known for their tasty ice cream packed between fresh-baked cookies, creating the ultimate ice cream sandwich. At Cream, vegan ice cream exists, making the dream to devour a fresh ice […]