Baby Birds Cafe

Baby Birds Cafe is a vegan-friendly restaurant in the Lakes in Las Vegas with gorgeous food. For more vegan dining in Las Vegas, visit

We’ve found our new favorite vegan-friendly restaurant in Las Vegas — Baby Birds Cafe. This adorable (and we mean adorable) spot is located in The Lakes and offers gorgeous views of one of Las Vegas’ only lakes (albeit manmade, but whatevs, it’s still pretty) and even more gorgeous food. Like, the prettiest vegan food we’ve […]

Marche Bacchus

French vegan fare at Marche Bacchus at The Lakes is limited, but a large wine list and gorgeous view makes up or it. For more vegan dining in Las Vegas, visit

French dining overlooking a lake? Yes. It exists in Las Vegas. While the bulk of the menu at Marche Bacchus is heavy on the meat (hey, it is a French bistro), there’s a little secret we’re here to share: they’ve got a vegetarian/vegan menu, too. Granted, it’s a tiny little menu, but they’ve still got one. […]