Ruse Vegan Kitchen

Ruse Vegan Kitchen is a popup kitchen that travels around Las Vegas. For more vegan restaurants and options in Las Vegas, visit

Before we even get your hearts a-flutter with all the goodness — Ruse Vegan Kitchen is a pop-up that, well, pops up. Check their Facebook page for where they’re going to be next and then, you know the drill. Go. Ruse Vegan Kitchen is looking to shake up the vegan community by creating freshly handmade […]

Plant(ivore) Premieres in Las Vegas with a Popup Restaurant

A special one-night only popup dining experience marks the debut of Plant(ivore) into the Las Vegas market. Helmed by executive chef Jose Navarro, this marks the latest plant-based restaurant to enter into Las Vegas. For more vegan dining in Las Vegas, visit

There’s soon to be a new kid on the plant-based block in Vegas, courtesy of executive chef Jose Navarro. And, this May, he’s introducing his new concept to the Valley with a one-night only dining experience. Navarro — who has served as executive chef at numerous properties on The Strip and also is co-owner of […]