Seven steakhouses with vegan options in Las Vegas

Looking for vegan options at a Las Vegas steakhouse? Twin Creeks in Silverton Casino has a whole menu. For more vegan dining, visit

Forget the baked potato and salads, Las Vegas steakhouses are starting to catch the vegan wave and offer (gasp) vegan options. In some cases, it’s an entire vegan menu. If you’re looking for steakhouses with vegan options in Las Vegas, here’s six steakhouses with vegan options we dig. Hank’s Fine Steaks and Martinis This swanky […]

Vegan Menu Launches at Stack

Stack has debuted a vegan menu at the Las Vegas steakhouse. For more vegan options in Las Vegas, visit

Stack, located inside The Mirage, has become one of only a handful of steakhouses in Las Vegas with vegan menus. Coming on the heels of Hank’s Fine Steaks and Martinis, Twin Creeks and Scotch 80 Prime’s debut of vegan menus, Stack released its vegan menu in October 2018. “We had been getting a lot of […]