The only Egyptian restaurant in Las Vegas will blow your mind

POTs is a vegan Egyptian restaurant in Las Vegas and a black-owned vegan restaurant. For more vegan food in Las Vegas visit

POTs is an Egyptian restaurant in Las Vegas, Nev. The only restaurant of its kind in Las Vegas, it’s also vegan. On this episode, Host Diana Edelman visits POTs and chef/owner Iman Haggag to learn how to make the popular Egyptian street food — koshari — plus show viewers some of the other must-have’s on […]

Easy Vegan Koshari Recipe by Chef Iman Haggag

Easy vegan koshari recipe from Iman Haggag of POTs in Las Vegas. For more vegan recipes visit

I love koshari. It’s one of my favorite things in the world and I didn’t know it existed three years ago. This popular Egyptian street food brings an array of flavor and comfort. Chef Iman Haggag of POTs, an all-vegan restaurant in Las Vegas provides this easy vegan koshari recipe. Enjoy!  Pin it