Where to Get the Beyond Meat and Impossible Burgers in Las Vegas

The Modern Vegan has more than 100 menu items. Here are the 7 you must try. For more vegan dining in Las Vegas, visit www.vegansbaby.com

Forget veggie burgers and black bean burgers. Thanks to the Beyond Meat Beyond Burger and the Impossible Burger, those who want a more meaty burger option have one. These uber-realistic burgers have vegans questioning what’s on their plate … and getting non-vegans interested in trying something better for the world. Where to get these bad […]

Whole Foods’ LV Bar

Whole Foods' LV Bar in Town Square offers the Beyond Meat Burger, as well as a variety of other vegan dishes and a fantastic happy hour. For more vegan options in Las Vegas, visit www.vegansbaby.com/vegansbaby2018

Updated: April 7, 2017.  As if we needed another reason to toss our hard-earned money into Whole Foods, they’ve gone and given us one: say hello to LV Bar. That’s right. Some of our precious Whole Foods in the Valley got a nice little makeover and now offer — gasp — restaurants where we can […]