Blaze Pizza

Vegan pizza covered in veggies and soy-free cheese? Yes, please. Check out Blaze Pizza with three locations in Las Vegas. For more vegan dining options, visit

Be in charge of the pizza pie you put in your mouth at Blaze Pizza. You vegan pizza lovers are in luck with this new(er) addition to the vegan pizza scene in town. Their assembly line makes it easy to create your ideal pie complete with a glove change to avoid cross-contamination. Here, delight in […]


Beyond simple sushi, Kabuki offers a nice selection of vegan Japanese food in Las Vegas. For more vegan dining options in Las Vegas, visit

Let’s be real: ordering vegan sushi isn’t really challenging in Las Vegas. But, it is more challenging to find more creative dishes on Japanese menus that aren’t the run-of-the-mill cucumber/avocado/veggie rolls. While Kabuki, a popular Japanese restaurant, doesn’t label anything as vegan, it does have plenty of items marked as vegetarian. However, upon a little digging, most […]


Say hello to the ultimate vegan ice cream sandwich at Cream. With two locations in Las Vegas, Cream's got your vegan ice cream craving covered. For more vegan eats in Las Vegas, visit

Craving some ice cream? Cream (unfortunately-named, in our opinion) ice cream spot has us cruelty-free lovers covered. At least a little. This Berkley, California-based business is known for their tasty ice cream packed between fresh-baked cookies, creating the ultimate ice cream sandwich. At Cream, vegan ice cream exists, making the dream to devour a fresh ice […]