Vegan Guide to Austin

Austin, Texas. The land of live music, grackles, and yes — copious amounts of vegan food. But, what about where to eat vegan in Austin? This Central Texas city may be traditionally known for BBQ and queso, but times are a-changin’ and Austin is incredibly vegan-friendly, as evidenced in the many plant-based food trucks, sit-down […]

10 Vegan Restaurants You’ve Got to Try in Bangkok

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Bangkok has seen a surge in vegan restaurants in the last few years. Where it was once a struggle to find any vegan food at all (outside of the annual 10-day Nine Emperor Gods vegetarian festival), we’re now spoiled for choice! Whether you’re a hard-core vegan foodie or just looking for an introduction into vegan […]

15 Bay Area Vegan Spots You Have to Try

Looking for vegan food in the Bay Area? The best vegan dining in the Bay Area can be found at vegan restaurants, pop-ups and vegan-friendly spots scattered through the San Francisco Bay Area.  Being a vegan in the Bay Area is easier than you might think.  The grocery stores have plenty of options and the restaurants […]

Guide to Vegan Food in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a mecca for vegan food in Thailand. The country’s Rose of the North — and the second largest city behind Bangkok — has no shortage of vegan options and eating gin jai. Sure, you can eat fish-sauce-free curry and stir-fried veggies all day. But, what about other options? We’re so glad you […]