The ultimate vegan cheese guide

The ultimate guide to vegan cheese by Vegans, Baby. For more vegan food and products visit

There are more than 50 vegan cheese brands on the market right now, which is quite a jump from when Daiya was the only player in town. With artisan vegan cheese, as well as blocks, shreds, wedges, dips and spreads, finding the right vegan cheese for you can be a lot. If you have certain […]

Riverdel Vegan Cheese Shop

Riverdel Cheese Shop is a vegan cheese shop in Essex Market in NYC Lower East Side. For more vegan food in New York City visit

Located inside Essex Market in the Lower East Side, Riverdel is the holy grail when it comes to vegan cheese. The popular cheese monger isn’t just making their own line of vegan cheeses, they’re also highlighting some of the best vegan cheese from the state and country.  Located front and center by the north east […]

NUMU Vegan Cheese Announces Plans to Expand. It’s First Stop: Las Vegas

NUMU hits Las Vegas market at Vegans, Baby event. For details visit

Yes, you read that headline correctly. NUMU Vegan Cheese, that gooey, vegan cheese that’s been getting quite the buzz in New York City is doing something it’s never done before — it’s leaving New York city, where it is exclusively found in only a handful of restaurants —  and heading west. To Las Vegas. To […]