Ruse Vegan Kitchen

Ruse Vegan Kitchen is a popup kitchen that travels around Las Vegas. For more vegan restaurants and options in Las Vegas, visit

Before we even get your hearts a-flutter with all the goodness — Ruse Vegan Kitchen is a pop-up that, well, pops up. Check their Facebook page for where they’re going to be next and then, you know the drill. Go. Ruse Vegan Kitchen is looking to shake up the vegan community by creating freshly handmade […]

Veganos Kitchen

Veganos Kitchen is a vegan restaurant in Las Vegas. This hidden gem serves vegan Mexican food, vegan pizza, plus the Beyond and Impossible Burgers. For more vegan dining in Las Vegas, visit

We’ve discovered the most under-the-radar vegan restaurant in Las Vegas — the Mexican Veganos Kitchen. Tucked into North Las Vegas, Veganos Kitchen is a hidden gem in the vegan dining scene in Sin City. The best part? The Las Vegas vegan restaurant offers something for everyone, thanks to its expansive menu. Family-owned, Veganos Kitchen serves […]

Natural Grocers

An all-organic grocery store, Natural Grocers has two locations in Las Vegas and sells food, beauty products, and more. For more vegan goods and services, visit

Natural Grocers, a new grocery store on the scene in Las Vegas, isn’t your typical grocery store. Unlike the mammoth grocery conglomerates, Natural Grocers is a smaller fish in the health and wellness store scene. The grocery store, with two locations in town, sells only natural and organic products ranging from food to beauty products, […]