Life of a food writer: the 19 best vegan dishes I ate in 2021

The best vegan food I ate in 2021.

I eat out. A lot. It’s literally my job to eat. Even in the middle of the pandemic, I was getting food to-go or for delivery (if you’re in Las Vegas, make sure you’re ordering delivery via the local LoCo app). While my cooking chops – or lack thereof – have suffered because it’s my […]

15 more vegan dishes every non-vegan should try at least once

Veganos Kitchen is a vegan restaurant in Las Vegas. This hidden gem serves vegan Mexican food, vegan pizza, plus the Beyond and Impossible Burgers. For more vegan dining in Las Vegas, visit

Happy World Vegan Day! Like last year, we’ve rounded up 15 more vegan dishes in Las Vegas that every non-vegan will love. Get your list started and see where you’re taking your favorite omni today to show them vegan food isn’t boring … it’s amazing. The 15 dishes we selected this year highlight the diverse […]