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My Pie Pizza offers vegan pizza in Centennial Hills. For more vegan pizza and vegan food in Las Vegas, visit
July 25, 2018 Diana Edelman 0 Comments

The New York-style My Pie Pizza has arrived in Las Vegas. Like Pieology and Blaze, My Pie Pizza is a fast-casual pizza restaurant specializing in personal-sized…

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Looking for vegan pizza in Las Vegas? The new Good Pie has New York, Grandma and Detroit-style vegan pizza. For more vegan food in Las Vegas, visit
February 23, 2018 Diana Edelman 0 Comments

Our vegan pizza dreams have come true, thanks to Vincent Rotolo and the opening of Good Pie at Downtown’s Pawn Plaza. Rotolo has taken the…

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February 21, 2018 Diana Edelman 4 Comments

VegeNation has emerged as one of the hottest vegan restaurants in Las Vegas. With two locations in the city (Henderson opened September 2017), VegeNation offers an…

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Pieology offers vegan pizza in Las Vegas. For more vegan restaurants in Las Vegas, visit
April 8, 2017 Diana Edelman 0 Comments

Another pizza joint. More vegan pizza options. Like basically every other pizza restaurant in town, Pieology offers Daiya cheese-topped pizza. The build-your-own pizza spot offers…

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