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Cafe No Fur is a vegan restaurant in Las Vegas serving vegan comfort food and vegan junk food. For more vegan restaurants in Las Vegas, visit
June 19, 2018 Diana Edelman 0 Comments

Owned by Kevin Chan of Perfect Scoop and previously Vege-Way North, this vegan-friendly Chinatown spot merges vegan comfort food with a little PG-13 action in…

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February 21, 2018 Diana Edelman 4 Comments

VegeNation has emerged as one of the hottest vegan restaurants in Las Vegas. With two locations in the city (Henderson opened September 2017), VegeNation offers an…

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Eatt is a more upscale eatery with gourmet vegan options. For more vegan dining in Las Vegas, visit
February 15, 2018 Diana Edelman 0 Comments

The concept for eatt started when Nicolas Kalpokdjian wasn’t even in Las Vegas, but Paris. He, along with executive chef Yuri Szarzewski and executive pastry chef Vincent…

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Cinnaholic in Las Vegas offers all vegan desserts that includes create-your-own cinnamon rolls, cookies and cakes. Fore more vegan dining options, visit
February 2, 2018 Diana Edelman 0 Comments

Welcome to a shop where every sweet is vegan. Every. Single. Thing. We’re talking cinnamon rolls. Cinnamon mini rolls. Cakes. Cookies. Hello, dessert. Cinnaholic, which opened…

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