Crossroads Kitchen to open at Resorts World Spring 2022

Crossroads is opening at Resorts World Las Vegas spring 2022. For more vegan dining news visit

Crossroads Kitchen is opening at Resorts World Las Vegas on the Las Vegas Strip. You read that right. Chef Tal Ronnen’s popular Crossroads, an all-vegan restaurant is expanding from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The quick-service counter, CB | Crossroads Burgers from Chef Tal Ronnen is also opening. Both are set to open May 28, […]

There’s what in my wine? The gross ingredients in wine no one talks about

Is wine vegan? Not all wine is vegan.

February 18th is National Wine Day, and we’re always down for a good glass of wine. However, not just any wine will do. In fact, a lot of wine is not vegan. Did you know that many wineries sneak some pretty gross ingredients into their wine during the fertilization and fining processes of winemaking? What’s lurking […]