Get ready for all the eats at the first vegan butcher and deli in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is about to get its first all-vegan butcher shop and deli — NoButcher. Up until now, Las Vegans have only been able to get their hands on NoButcher eats at restaurants like Vegan Bliss, No Regrets, Cafe No Fur, and Go Vegan Cafe. Come late October, that’s about to change. Inspired by the overwhelming […]

5 of the best vegan-friendly restaurants to get ramen in Las Vegas

For vegan ramen in Las Vegas, head to Jinya Ramen Bar. For more vegan restaurants in Las Vegas, visit

Today is National Noodle Day, but it’s not like we actually need a day to celebrate noodles. We love noodles. Every kind. But, we especially love ramen. And while we don’t have our absolute favorite ramen joint, Ramenhood (sorry, you’ve got to trek to Downtown LA to devours this goodness), Las Vegas does have some great […]